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The Trade School website is a great resource for information related to trade schools and the careers available to graduates of trade school.  To help provide more information on trade school we have developed a series of informative articles about trade schools to help  you better understand what you can accomplish with a trade school education.

Online Trade Schools

To find the best online trade school suited to your needs, check out enrollment requirements, cost, available financial help and what each online trade school program offers to develop your skills. It is important that the online trade school teach everything you need for a new career or to improve your performance in your current career. Click here to learn more about Online Trade Schools.


Trade School Programs

Trade school options today are designed for the convenience of both young people right out of high school and those who are already employed and need to work their classes into weekend or evening schedules. In fact, it is even possible to take trade school courses online or through correspondence, although that is determined largely by the nature of the program. Click here to learn more aboutTrade School Programs.


Trade Schools

Trade schools are traditionally described as a school that focuses on specific vocational skills needed within certain occupations such as medical assistant, information technology and heating and refrigeration technicians. However, the list of vocations one can study in trade schools are by no means limited to those three occupations. One should look on the Internet to see which trade schools in your area offer the programs you wish to explore. Click here to learn more about Trade Schools.


Most Popular Trade School Careers

Enrolling in trade school is an ideal way for a person to receive hands-on training in preparation for the field of work he or she wishes to enter.  Those who choose a trade school for their education will discover that a high level of job security is associated with many trade school careers. Click here to learn more about Popular Trade School Careers.


Trade School Entry Requirements

To get into a trade school, the first thing that an individual needs is a diploma. If they have not earned a high school diploma, a General Education Diploma will also be accepted for admission into a trade school. Depending on the specific trade school program, a high school graduate might also be required to have achieved a 2.0 or higher grade point average for trade school admission. Click here to learn more about Trade School Entry Requirements.


Trade School Grants

One of these benefits is a trade school tends to get the student ready for an actual job.  Another plus is these schools help place their graduates in a job that suits the trade studied. There are several types of grants to take advantage of when applying to a trade school. Click here to learn more aboutTrade School Grants.

Trade School Loans and Student Education Financing

Attending a trade school is a viable alternative to pursuing a college degree. Trade school loans remain a crucial element for today’s aspiring and current students planning to further their education. Interest in trade school education is growing exponentially. The average student relies on student loans to finance their education. Click here to learn more about Trade School Loans.

Trade School vs University

When it comes to furthering your education, you have a choice to make. Traditional pressures and ideals generally point to a four-year degree at a college or university. But the choice should be based on what is best for you. Click here to learn more about the differences between Trade School vs University.

Trade School Application Guide

Applying to trade school might sound like a lot of work, but it is actually much easier than you think. Don’t let the application process intimidate you and prevent you from improving your earning potential.  Use the application guide to get started and accepted into trade school!  Click here to read the Trade School Application Guide. Click here to read the Trade School Application Guide.


Trade School Career Guide and Job Placement Information

The first thing to consider when applying to a trade school is the goals you intend to achieve and the trade you desire to study. An individual’s personal interests play a big part in this decision. If a person enjoyed playing with toy cars as a child, then a career in auto mechanics is a good choice. Someone who takes pride in creations they cook may want to seek out the culinary field as a future profession. Regardless of the occupation decided on, there are many trade schools from which to choose. Click here to read the Trade School Career Guide.


Going to School Online

Online school courses and the curriculum offered by the various Internet based colleges, are generally accredited institutions whose credentials can be verified rather easily. One of the greatest advantages of online school is time – your time. Each class is geared to be as seamless as possible when fitting the coursework into your schedule. There is the freedom to study when you want, but it is good practice to set aside a certain measure of time for online school assignments. Click here to learn more about Going to School Online.


How Long Does It Take To Pay Off A Student Loan?

Upon graduation, a student leaves behind the books and starts looking at their future as well as the time frame of a student loan payoff. Some students manage to pay their way through school with parental assistance, grants and scholarships. Click here to learn how long it takes to pay off a studen loan.


Latest Tools In The Automotive Industry

Other improvements of basic tools include electrical system tools, braking tools, engine gauges and measuring devices, lifts and compressors, and drive tools, all of which are covered during automotive training. While automotive training prepares the technician for hands-on technique, it also enables an opportunity for continued career growth. Click here to learn more about the latest tools in the automotive industry.


Music School Careers

Typical courses in a music school curriculum include music history, theory, composition, harmony, piano basics, and studio work. Music school students learn to appreciate the evolution of music, from the Gregorian chant to the dissonant work of Phillip Glass. Understanding complex music is similar to understanding a foreign language. A good music school produces good listeners, students who have a good “ear” for pitch, key, rhythm, harmony, and theme. Click here to learn more about Music School Careers.


Time Management Guide Balancing School and Work

Most people need a time management guide to balancing school and work to be successful. The balancing act can be difficult. Nobody wants to compromise education or employment. Both are necessary for a secure future. A few simple techniques help students achieve good grades while earning a decent living. Well-organized students and workers reach their goals without burning out. Click here to learn more about time management.


How To Become A Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist doesn’t need the same amount of training that a dentist needs, but they do much of the same work. You could go to college instead of going to trade school, but the trade school route works best for people who are in a hurry.? Click here to learn more about how to become a dental hygienist.


How To Become A Cosmetologist

Cosmetology trade school is not as scary as it sounds, however, a huge range of full-time program options make it simple for people to get their certification and state license in their own time. In addition, there are many extensive, academically-sound trade school options that only last about 9 to 12 months. Click here to learn more about how to become a cosmetologist.


How To Become A Fashion Designer

Becoming a fashion designer is easier and more rewarding than ever with the many training and career options available for students today. You can begin your career sooner with a trade school program designed to get you prepared to work in today’s fashion industry. Click here to learn more about how to become a fashion designer.


How To Become A Massage Therapist

A massage therapist charges an hourly fee and receives tips. The average fee charged per hour is $60, but it is not uncommon to charge between $25 and $100. Those working part-time or 15 hours per week could enjoy an annual salary of $30,000 or more. Being a massage therapist requires completing a trade school education program of 500 hours. Depending on the state the person resides in, there may also be specified training hours required before taking the certification examination. Click here to learn more about how to become a massage therapist.


How To Become A Paralegal

One of the most-needed positions is that of a paralegal, or a legal assistant to a lawyer. In this position, people are often required to do research for the lawyer and help him or her prepare for hearings, trials and meetings. Many paralegals are in charge of researching relevant case information for a lawyer and informing the lawyer of the relevant information. Click here to learn how to become a paralegal.


How To Become An Auto Mechanic

Many years ago it was possible for someone without any training to repair an automobile. These “shade tree mechanics,” as they were called, could make a car last for many years. Today’s automobiles are much more complex. An auto mechanic is a highly skilled professional with training in the various systems that make the modern automobile a luxury to drive. Click here to learn how to become an auto mechanic.


How To Become An Electrician

Attending trade school to become an electrician increases the chances of being hired and making more money when it comes to getting into an apprenticeship program. Click here to learn how to become an electrician.


How To Become An HVAC Mechanic

Looking for the right trade school means looking for a place that will provide hands-on training in the field. Being an HVAC mechanic is not easy, and it cannot all be learned through a book. The best schools have facilities that look like a shop so that students get the best idea of what goes on every day on the job. Click here to learn how to become an hvac mechanic.


How To Become An Information Technology Expert

A technology trade school presents a viable alternative for students who want to get the jump on the information technology industry. The increased use of computers in all fields led to demand for information technology expert operators who knew how to make things easier and more appealing for end users. Click here to learn how to become an information technology expert.


How To Get An Advertising Degree

Obtaining an advertising degree from a business trade school is an effective step toward becoming an advertising professional. Trade schools offer advantages for those seeking to be advertising professionals by providing less expensive tuition; direct experience; and night, weekend and online classes. Click here to learn how to get an advertising degree from a business trade school.

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