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Beauty and Cosmetology Trade School

Cosmetology trade schools offer students the opportunity to train in hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure, facials and skin treatments in order to enhance the appearance of their clients. Beauty trade school programs are considered technical schools and generally require a GED or high school diploma for admission in most states. Some states waive the diploma or GED requirement, but the applicant may have to take an additional test in order to become certified.

Cosmetology Trade School Programs

Cosmetology programs trade schools teach the techniques of shampooing and conditioning, cutting and trimming hair, administering hair colors, styling hair, doing permanents and curling hair, and the art of applying makeup. Cosmetology programs trade schools also train in manicures and pedicures, scalp and facial treatments, and esthetics. Coursework at cosmetology programs trade schools typically involves classroom hours, as well as hands on practice in student salons. It is important if considering cosmetology programs trade schools that you be in good health, as you are required to stand and move around throughout the day. Another factor to consider when thinking about attending cosmetology programs trade schools is how much you enjoy working with people. Good stylists are able to entertain their clients while they are having their hair and makeup done. Successful cosmetology programs trade schools graduates definitely enjoy people.

There are several reasons to consider attending any of the cosmetology programs trade schools. In many cases, the cosmetology programs trade schools graduate is an entrepreneur, working for themselves. Most people who graduate from cosmetology programs trade schools work in salons and develop their own clientele. Cosmetologists have the opportunity to make their own hours, which is conducive to those who may have child care needs or other scheduling issues. Graduates of cosmetology programs trade schools report that their income is reflective of their work. The more proficient they become at their profession, the larger clientele base they develop and the more they can charge for services. In addition to working in salons, cosmetology programs trade schools graduates may also find employment with funeral homes, theater production companies, higher end department stores, and movie studios. Other career opportunities for cosmetology programs trade schools graduates are working for beauty magazines, owning a salon or beauty school, or working for a company that specializes in sales of cosmetology supplies.

Cosmetology Graduate Salary

The average salary of a cosmetology programs trade school graduate is $30,000-$50,000 annually. Salary is largely determined by the size, style and location of the salon, the socioeconomic status of clients, and the amount of local competition. Cosmetology programs trade school graduates are required to be licensed in every state of the union. After graduation, individuals who have attended a cosmetology programs trade school will be required to meet the licensure requirements of their respective state. Typically, this involves passing an exam.

Cosmetology programs trade schools offer individuals the opportunity to create a lucrative career for themselves. The successful cosmetologist is limited only by their ability to envision their future.