Most Popular Trade School Careers

Most Popular Trade School Careers

Enrolling in trade school is an ideal way for a person to receive hands-on training in preparation for the field of work he or she wishes to enter. Trade school programs are typically shorter than most courses offered at traditional colleges. Those who choose a trade school for their education will discover that a high level of job security is associated with many trade school careers.

Another beneficial aspect of obtaining an education at a trade school is that tuition is usually more affordable than tuition to a private or public college or university. Trade school industry careers offer students high earning potential, and those searching for a career may wish to consider the three vocational trades below:


Cosmetology is among one of the most popular trade school careers. Full service beauticians who are licensed cosmetologists earn approximately $30,000 annually. The cosmetology industry has experienced steady growth over the past 25 years and almost all cosmetologists received their education at a trade school.

The qualifications which one will learn in the trade school of his or her choice when pursuing a cosmetology career include principles of a haircut, hair design, fundamentals of color, and all facets of nail care and nail artistry. Each trade school will have unique curriculum; however, the basic studies outlined above are necessary in order to meet the minimum qualifications required to work as a cosmetologist.

Electrical Technician

Many individuals enroll in a trade school to pursue work as an electrician. Electricians can expect to make approximately $43,000 per year upon entering the field, and this salary will increase considerably as the individual gains experience. This field includes electrical repair and electrical construction. The qualifications one needs to work effectively in this field include a GED or high school diploma, above average reading ability, a good aptitude for physical science, trigonometry, geometry and algebra. A trade school may or may not wish to see transcripts from the individual’s high school verifying that the appropriate math and science courses were passed with an acceptable grade. One must also pass a state exam in most areas of the country in order to become licensed, and state specific information is usually provided by the trade school in which one enrolls.


The field of plumbing offers excellent job security regardless of the area in which one lives. The average yearly salary of a plumber who has graduated from trade school with the appropriate education is approximately $42,000 to $63,000, with the higher end of this range most frequently seen in urban areas.

To qualify as a plumber one must have excellent manual dexterity, good math skills, and the ability to work effectively in cramped places. Several states require plumbers to obtain a license before opening a business, and as previously mentioned, the trade school in which one enrolls will have this information available for students. Whichever trade school one chooses, he or she is taking a big step toward secure, long-term employment.

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