Find a Skilled Trade School

Skilled Trade School

Many young people wonder if attending skilled trade schools will be a good option for their future. While there is no universal answer for life changing decisions, skilled trade school programs offer a myriad of career opportunities not available to those who take a more traditional path. While it is clear that those entering the job market armed only with a high school degree will not fare well, recent events have also shown that a college degree does not guarantee a job. In fact, many recent graduates are struggling to find work.


However, skilled trade jobs are more in demand than ever, and skilled trade trade schools provide the tools to enter these challenging fields.

Skilled trade trade schools offer the prospects of reasonable job security and decent wages in an expanding job market. Traditional trades taught at skilled trade trade schools include plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, welding, and mechanical repair.

Types of Skilled Trades

The types of blue collar skills taught at skilled trade trade schools are not typically held in high regard by society. However, because of the recent economic downturn, many people are starting to reconsider their snobbish attitudes toward trade schools. Skilled workers often stand to make over $60,000 a year to start directly after skilled trade trade school. Additionally, skilled trade trade schools generally have tuition prices that are significantly lower than traditional four year colleges. Many skilled workers eventually end up self-employed, running their own small business after attending skilled trade trade schools. In this case, the ceiling for annual earning is very high. Skilled workers will have less debt and will start out making more money.

Skilled Trade Training Value

The university bubble is about to burst. College degrees are losing their market value, and as tuitions continue to rise, attending a four year university makes much less sense for some students. People that are good with their hands should definitely consider skilled trade trade schools. Attending skilled trade trade schools often leads to a quality apprenticeship, which can lead to high paying skilled trade jobs. Those who attend skilled trade trade schools typically start making more money faster than those who attend traditional colleges. The best part about learning a trade is that in most cases, there will always be a need for your skill. Things will always need to be built and things will always need to be fixed. Skilled trade trade schools can give you the skills necessary to build and fix these things. Skilled trade trade schools are not for everyone. Some people are meant to go to college. Others are not. If you like to fix things, if you are good with your hands, or if you just despise the traditional classroom environment, then skilled trade trade schools may be the best option for finding a fulfilling and lucrative career. There are hundreds of skilled trade trade schools throughout the country, so with a little research it is certainly possible to find a trade school near you.