Trade School Grants

Trade School Grants

In today’s economy, a trade school provides an education that is invaluable in the job market. Not every American can afford the costly endeavor of attending a major college university. A trade schoolis a beneficial alternative to a long and financially draining educational journey. One of these benefits is a trade school tends to get the student ready for an actual job. These classes are straightforward and pertain to a specific occupation. This aids in minimizing the amount of time it takes to reach the educational goal desired. Another plus is these schools help place their graduates in a job that suits the trade studied. There are several types of grants to take advantage of when applying to a trade school. These sources of assistance greatly reduce the student’s financial burden.

Federal Government Assistance

The U.S. federal government often assists the American people that are eager to advance their education by attending a trade school. A student must meet requirements to qualify for this financial help. One form of this assistance is the Pell grant. These awards go to both colleges and trade school applicants upon approval of the government. The trade school must be accredited to enable a student to receive assistance from this grant. Students who receive these grants fall within a low-income standard and have no prior trade school degrees. This grant formed its name from the United States Senator Claiborne Pell. Availability to an applicant convicted of a prior felony is at the government’s discretion. A student’s financial need plays the biggest part in whether you are eligible for this form of aid. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid to apply for this grant. This is referred to as FAFSA and the student must update this each year the trade school is attended. These applications can be found at libraries, community agencies, and the trade school sought after. As of the year 2011, $5,550 is the limit to the amount awarded for these grants.

Salllie Mae Funds – Unmet Need Scholarships

Sallie Mae funds Unmet Need Scholarships directed by Scholarship Management Services. They supplement other grants already provided to help pay for a trade school education. Some of the eligibility requirements to receive these grants are being a United States citizen and having at least a 2.5 high school grade point average. Students can receive up to $3,000 annually. They must reapply each year to receive further financial assistance in paying for their trade school. To apply for this grant a person must fill out an application and submit it to Unmet Need Scholarships. An official grade document or GED test score result is required.

Charitable and nonprofit organizations provide grants to attend a trade school. Assistance from this is often community based. Women who are low income may seek to further their education in a trade school. A nursing or cosmetology degree is a great step towards receiving a higher wage. These organizations will make the trade school chosen affordable for these women with awarded grants.

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