$81,760/ year*
Estimated Salary
  /  year *
Estimated Salary
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Becoming an Airplane Mechanic in Joplin, Missouri


An A&E mechanic is responsible for ensuring that airplanes get regular maintenance and that any problems are fixed correctly. Mechanics may work on different parts of an aircraft, such as...the engine, landing gear, brakes and pumps. A mechanic may work with special instruments designed specifically for aircraft maintenance.
Compare to a teacher who only makes
$40,000/yr in Missouri

What Airplane Mechanics Love About Their Trade

New challenges every day.
Using big cool tools.
Not client facing.


High Paying
Work Indoors
Not Customer Facing
Variety of Tools
Not Hard on Body
Highly Technical


Demand ForecastHigh
We fly in this country.
Advancement PotentialHigh
Are able to work up within their small teams.
Optionality PotentialHigh
Can easily transition into other mechanical fields.