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Becoming A Carpenter in Zanesville, Ohio

    United States


Irreplaceable in construction, Carpenters build critical foundation for concrete, exteriors, roofs, infrastructure, and scaffolding. In addition to all this, carpenters are also skilled at crafting detailed trim and finish work. Carpenters turn blueprints into reality.
Compare to a teacher who only makes
$40,000/yr in Ohio

Tools of the Trade

Plumb Bob
Plumb Bob
Speed Square
Speed Square
Claw Hammer
Claw Hammer
Framing square
Framing square
Tape Measure
Tape Measure

What Carpenters Love About Their Trade

Working with a crew.
Job site variety.
Seeing a building go up.


High Paying
Work Indoors
Not Customer Facing
Variety of Tools
Not Hard on Body
Small Teams


Advancement Potential
Are able to work up within their small teams.
Optionality Potential
There are specializations within the trade.
Demand Forecast
All commercial construction is dependent on this trade.
Jerry C.
This trade will keep you working even in a down economy. Construction is hard but rewarding work. If your going to do it you should go union--the pay pay a good wage and have benefits. Favorite parts are working outside and the versatility and knowledge I've developed.
Manny R.
The pay is pretty good if you’re good, and it’s pretty laid back. You can also do a lot with it. With an apprenticeship it’s nice because you aren’t paying for a school, you just start making money right away and learn as you go. Just go for it. Find a path that best suites you and start.
Phil S.
You will use the skills learned for the rest of you life. It will also give you the skills to become a leader. Stick with it and it will take care of you until the end.
$105,000/ year
Estimated Salary