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Becoming A Lineman in Utica, New York

    United States


A lineworker is a tradesman who constructs and maintains electric power transmission, telecommunications lines and distribution lines. A lineworker generally does outdoor installation and maintenance jobs.
Compare to a teacher who only makes
$40,000/yr in New York

Tools of the Trade

Skinning Knife
Skinning Knife
Lineman's Pliers
Lineman's Pliers
Block and Tackle
Block and Tackle
Insulated Gloves
Insulated Gloves
Lineman's Hammer
Lineman's Hammer
Folding Rule
Folding Rule

What Linemans Love About Their Trade

New challenges every day.
Using big cool tools.
It's a great lifestyle.


High Paying
Work Indoors
Not Customer Facing
Variety of Tools
Not Hard on Body
Small Teams


Advancement Potential
Are able to work up within their small teams.
Demand Forecast
One of the highest demand trades. Recession proof demand.
Optionality Potential
This trade does not easily transition into others.
Alex L.
If you are afraid of heights (like even a little) or afraid of electricity, this trade is not for you. But if you aren't bothered by those two things than I would say this is one of the best possible careers for someone who wants to work outside, work with their hands, and make great great money. The hours are long, but if you love it you love it. This trade is also a brotherhood for sure. Your crew becomes your second family. If you're lineman material, it's a great career and can support a family in a great way.
Ian K.
If you're one of us, you're one of us. High climbs, high voltage, high pay. A lot of long hours, but you are with your brothers.
Michael C.
This is badass work, and it's for badasses. You need to be comfortable working with electricity under pressure and up high. There's a lot of call and overtime work, but the money is insane. Make sure you're a fit, but if you are you will not regret this.
$96,040/ year
Estimated Salary